Get Carpenter

July 22, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, here’s yet another bonus release for the summer: Get Carpenter! Pretty much a tribute to director John Carpenter‘s musical work in Halloween etc. this project is a pure fan boy attempt to both emulate and honor those soundtracks that were such a big part of my VHS brat days. It’s kinda funny how he in an attempt to save money actually created a specific sound that has it’s own scene of fans and musicians today, so I’m guessing in the near future we’ll see “John Carpenter” also being a musical genre. There’s tons more bands out there emulating the horror sounds of the 80’s btw, check out Umberto and The Giallos Flame if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, two tracks in all – I’m just getting into the specific synth sounds of the 1980’s – with no set price (donations are much appreciated and will be used for future work) as this is not one of those zillion-releases-a-month type things. I’ll put something out every now and then just to nerd out. I’ve got enough as it is with Call Me Greenhorn‘s music heading into blissful sync licensing territory and The Norliss Tapes‘ upcoming debut album.

The sleeve (and project name!) is of course a tribute to director Mike Hodges‘ 1971 U.K. gangster classic Get Carter starring Michael Caine and it struck me as fitting once I decided to release the songs and needed a sleeve. Check it out on Bandcamp and give Sequence 1 a spin below:


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