Oh Shit!

July 15, 2013

Here we go; Check out the “video” (yeah, I know. Still need a decent video editing software to get things rolling over here) for Call Me Greenhorn‘s Et merde! C’est l’Amour! off the L’amour en Apesanteur EP. The EP is finished and available via Bandcamp as of today, and this track turned out to be a personal fave.

Actually inspired by The BuzzcocksOh Shit! off their Orgasm Addict 7″ – roughly translated the title is “Oh shit! It’s love!”- this turned out quite funny with the under-the-weather horn section handling the intro before getting into a nice, laid back sorta reggae feel. Or, like a friend epically put it, “sounds like a pure out of range sonic orgasm, lost between the Beastie Boys‘ own Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz instrumental galaxy & the Art of Noise universe…” How can I possibly top that?

Anyway, there’s four tracks in total – including a deconstruction of Greenhorn in the Lab off the The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd album – so make sure you give it a spin here, and check out the title track below:


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