June 11, 2013
No copyright, public domain.

No copyright, public domain.

This was too funny: Found via the local emigration office (as the state I live in saw a lot of Swedes emigrate to the US) and written in old Swedish, this pamphlet offers advice for those contemplating a new life in the United States.

There are some legitimate ones like number 2 (and this is a rough translation):

Every one who fears physical labor should not emigrate.

and number 4:

Be sober, honest and industrious, and you will succeed here better than elsewhere, because these properties are those taken into account and paid in America.

But the twelfth and final point had me laughing out loud as it states:

Take good care of loose belongings and never leave them unattended for any fellow passengers (…) particularly when the Irish come aboard.

I’m amazed that an official document (although based on the writer I’m guessing it was released by a shipping company) shows such prejudice – and sadly enough we still have it today.


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