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The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd!

June 29, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Yeah, well I am fully aware that I stated that the phrase was just something I intentionally added in order to make the sleeve look more retro, but some snafu at Bandcamp when it came to keeping the URL simple led me to change the title of the first official Call Me Greenhorn album to The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd (otherwise it’d be three albums now with that title in one form or another). I guess it’s got a nice ring to it, it kinda reminds me of The Beastie Boys‘ instrumental album The In Sounds From Way Out.

Fifteen tracks in total that I worked with off and on since mid-January if memory serves me correct, and listening to it now I’m kinda satisfied with the final results. Got everything from new wave to ska, dub, breakbeats, a whole lot of “whut ‘n’ huh?” (yeah, that’s the phrase I use for ’em!) and there’s even some Kraftwerk tunage in Yinghuo-10 that was inspired by the increasing progress of the Chinese space program. And I think it’s a pretty darn cool name for your space missions as “firefly” is the correct translation of 萤火 (Yinghuo).

It’s way too early for me to name any favorites – I had this finished roughly around 3 A.M. this morning – and those things always have a tendency to change over time anyway. But I’m really happy with the sequencing (track order) and I consider it to offer up enough variation so you as a lsitener don’t get bored.

Check it out on Bandcamp, be cool and spread the word, join me on Facebook and give the edited version of Rude Boys Gonna Sort Him Out a spin on my SoundCloud:


It Came From Detroit

June 29, 2013

Make sure you head on over to Kickstarter and check out this new project I decided to support: James R. Petix and Sarah Babila‘s It Came From Detroit. A documentary focusing on Motor City’s garage scene starting with The Gories back in the 1980’s up to The White Stripes. In their own words:

In It Came From Detroit, we discover how that unexpected popularity impacted the musicians’ lives as more and more bands signed to major labels, toured the world and got ever closer to super-stardom. Along the way, we find out what happens to a close-knit group of friends when not everyone has the same ideals — or opportunities.

It Came From Detroit shows how underneath the crumbling shell of that mighty musical city there is still a pulse, and a community of passionate musicians who’ve dug back into the roots of rock ‘n’ roll to make it incredibly relevant once again.

Over ten years in the making, this documents the Detroit scene as it was before, during and after the Whites rose to their international fame and how for a brief moment the city was dubbed “the second Seattle”. There’s lots of cool bands appearing, including The Dirtbombs and The Detroit Cobras – if you haven’t, you should check out the latter’s Tied and True album – and there are literally tons of goodies to be earned for those who choose to support, so head on over now and give ’em some fund to complete this. But hurry up, there’s only five more days to go!


Operation: Next Episode

June 27, 2013

Check out the latest episode from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West, this time brilliantly titled Operation: Next Episode. Starting off with a hilarious opening sequence – if you know German that is – it’s nicely paced with some tight editing and great usage of the musical cues.

The episode’s got a great flow and I’m noticing that the whole concept of the show is gelling. Director Robert Griffith (and Co.!) are onto something and if nothing else it’s getting noticeable in the increasing amount of guest stars they’re getting – this time including Doug Drexler that you might recognize from the Star Trek Continues and Battlestar Galactica TV series. Musically it features Call Me Greenhorn‘s Squawky! and the brand new Superseven Fight Theme 2 and also debuts The Jimmy C‘s cover (!!!) of my Superseven Chase Theme (off the They Call Me Superseven OST).

That last one was a pleasant surprise that Jamie sent to me via email and it was pretty damn cool hearing someone else’s version of the song. In fact, I liked it so much I popped it in and added some ‘Ghoul Moog’ noodlings to it – something he in turned liked enough to keep in the final version. Awesome, Jamie!

Anyway; check it out, give the tracks a spin on my Bandcamp here and here, visit the S7 crew on their official page on Facebook and check out Jamie’s solo efforts here. And spread the word!


The Revolution Will Be …Suave

June 25, 2013

Well this past weekend saw the Physical Soup episode of Project Moonbase, offering up quite a mixed bag of various sounds – including Cuban Orchestra Pucho Lopez‘ oddly pleasing version of The Beatles’ Nowhere Man.

The guys also played Jazz Against The Machine‘s lounge-y version of Rage Against the Machine‘s Bombtrack and were nice enough not to only mention me hepping them to this German outfit but also mentioning Call Me Greenhorn – to which I’m much obliged.

As always there’s something in the show to be offered that you certainly haven’t heard before – this time I found myself being quite enamored with Lullatone‘s odd surf-meets-ska-meets-? track Hot Sand – and their Unnecessary News segments are always good for a couple of laughs, so check it out here, visit them on Facebook here, check out Jazz Against The Machine here and give Lullatone a spin on their Bandcamp here.

How ’bout a sample (WARNING: It’ll stick in your head instantaneously!):


Echoplex Theme

June 20, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Stay tuned next week as it sees the release of the first, “official” album from my solo project Call Me Greenhorn – although it’s what, the third released this year? Plainly entitled Call Me Greenhorn – that other stuff was just added to give it the right retro 1960’s feel – it’ll have a total of fifteen tracks, although that might change as I am having one final sequencing session in a couple of days just going through all the songs and make sure I’m 100% satisfied with the results.

The sleeve itself is actually one of those Plan B type affairs. I had a different space monkey photograph in mind, but the license fee was just too steep for me to invest in at this early stage of the project – yeah, I’m actually trying to earn some money doing this! So, good thing that 1) NASA‘s photographs are considered to be in the public domain, and 2) they sent chimps up in space with some regularity back in the 1960’s enabling me to create the sleeve for the optimum cost of hours. The photo depicts Ham aka Ham the Chimp and Ham the Astrochimp, he was the first primate in space and his remains are actually buried in a memorial grave at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Read up on this fellow at Wikipedia. With the photo licensing solved I went right ahead trying to recreate a sort of retro-60’s instrumental album feel and am pretty satisfied with the results.

The album will be released next week, but you can get a teaser taste on my SoundCloud starting today. Entitled Echoplex Theme it’s actually the track that got me my contract with a licensing agency in the U.S. – but I’ll share more info on that story later on. In the mean time, give it a spin and tell your friends!


The Beastles!

June 18, 2013

Well, here’s something fun I found via The Laughing Squid: The Beastles Ill Submarine! Twenty mashups of The Beastie Boys and The Beatles delivered by DJ BC – all dedicated to the memory of Adam Yauch. Titles include Drive My Car, Thief!, Don’t Let MCA Down and such greats as the track included above as well as Mean Old Men and Twist That Train – the last one being my personal fave. Killer drums!

Some of these work great and some, well,  not so much, but it was a fun listening experience nonetheless as I’m always blown away by the audio editing skills of some of these guys. Check it out in full on SoundCloud here, and you can download their complete discography at their official website here.

UPDATE: Well, the, ahem, “Powers That Be” apparently didn’t take too lightly to the album and it has been promptly removed from SoundCloud. Your best bet is to visit the official site, but there’s no guarantees the material will still available. You might wanna move fast on this one.

copyright YoYoYosef 2013!

copyright YoYoYosef 2013!


The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef

June 12, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Yeah, well it might seem a bit premature with some 160+ days until Halloween (I’m not too sure exactly how many days that are left as it is more Eva Halloween‘s speciality), but I finished up the sleeve for Call Me Greenhorn‘s October release The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef last night and thought I’d share it with you.

A weird kinda blend of 1960’s Halloween novelty songs and the spaghetti western sounds of Ennio Morricone, the song is a tribute to one of the best bad guys of cinema – bar none. Being a big fan of Sergio Leone I had my initial introduction via the epic The Good The Bad The Ugly and have tried my best to check out his work based on that performance. Like the maestro himself once stated: His eyes pierce the screen.

The sleeve itself is a mutation of the poster for the 1967 Death Rides a Horse directed by Giulio Petroni (and also starring John ‘Danger: Diabolik’ Phillip Law) as it is in the public domain and therefore free for any use you might see fit. The two-track “single” – yeah yeah I still got issues with calling a digital release something that used to mean a physical object – is due to be released October 1st, but as always I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, make sure to check out Petroni’s very Leone-esque film. You can download it for free (and legally!) via or watch it in full on YouTube.



June 11, 2013
No copyright, public domain.

No copyright, public domain.

This was too funny: Found via the local emigration office (as the state I live in saw a lot of Swedes emigrate to the US) and written in old Swedish, this pamphlet offers advice for those contemplating a new life in the United States.

There are some legitimate ones like number 2 (and this is a rough translation):

Every one who fears physical labor should not emigrate.

and number 4:

Be sober, honest and industrious, and you will succeed here better than elsewhere, because these properties are those taken into account and paid in America.

But the twelfth and final point had me laughing out loud as it states:

Take good care of loose belongings and never leave them unattended for any fellow passengers (…) particularly when the Irish come aboard.

I’m amazed that an official document (although based on the writer I’m guessing it was released by a shipping company) shows such prejudice – and sadly enough we still have it today.


Big Bear

June 7, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Wow, I’m actually embarrassed to admit it, but this was apparently two years in the making: The debut recording from the stoner/sludge project Ursa Major entitled The Thief The Whore The Fool. I checked this blog and this concept was brainstormed during the summer of 2011 and even though I never gave up on the idea of creating something just unbelievably heavy and dissonant this just kept getting pushed further and further back. What the hell happened? Well, “life” I guess. Probably the lamest excuse ever, but it’s pretty close to the truth.

Anyway, this won’t be properly mixed or mastered until the end of the summer unfortunately – yeah, looks like my 2013 schedule is busted – so I thought “what the hey”, posted this edited and unmastered rough-mix version of the track (the finished version is roughly nine and a half minutes) and hope it’ll generate enough interest for the finished version. There’s more to come, but like I already stated in that post two years ago I’m not too sure this’ll grow into a “proper” touring and recording band. I’m content just coming up with this crazy shit, uh, the creative process.

You’ll find the track on Ursa’s Bandcamp here, but give it a spin below and spread the word!

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