Tub o’ Horror

May 21, 2013

This is pretty damn neat: A fan video of original grungers – yes, they pretty much help invent the damn genre – Steel Pole Bath Tub‘s Train to Miami using footage from the Spanish horror classic Horror Express. It’s a win, baby! Taken from their 1993 album The Miracle of Sound in Motion released on Boner Records.

The ‘Tub was an aquired taste, but I am personally convinced that their brand of ugly noise and twisted drones was the initial seedling that later evolved to the doom and sludge sounds found in today’s metal scene. Along with outfits like The Melvins (whom they shared label with) they took the first steps towards stoner rock – to much chagrin from the underground community that was too hung up on not allowing bands to create whatever the hell popped into their heads insisting a maintenance of the status quo – and IMO you’d gotta be pretty damn deaf to miss that one.

The 1972 outing Horror Express is actually one of my personal faves in the genre. During the 80’s I spent many late Thursday nights glued to Super Channel as they aired cheap (?) horror movies and this mummy/zombie/evil creature feature made quite an impression on me. Considered to be in the public domain you can actually download it legally via Archive.org or watch it in full on YouTube.


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