The Harvester

May 19, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, to paraphrase Turbonegro: Are you ready for some darkness? Meet Call Me Greenhorn‘s new outing The Harvester – A wayyyy darker offering than usual that’s kinda like if Fu Manchu and Queens of the Stone Age teamed up with what remains of Flipper to create a sort of Jesus and Mary Chain-esque soundtrack for the latest David Lynch outing. At least that’s what I envisioned while listening to the final mix earlier today.

As far as I can tell this lil’ baby will be released with The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable later this summer – making it the second “dark” release from Camp Greenhorn in 2013 – and maybe I’ll have the time to write some more exclusive tracks to make it a more “legit” EP, we’ll see.

The sleeve is actually a collage of photos found on Wikimedia Commons. The Blue Skull – yeah, it’s actually blue to being with – is courtesy one ‘xlibber’ and the cemetery photo courtesy Walesman (Welshman?) Ben Salter. Check it out on my SoundCloud and share like crayzee!


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