Buzz Buzz

May 16, 2013

Oh boy! Guys, I’m sorry for being such a buzzkill, but as this is becoming quite viral abroad it’s time to set the record straight: No, no Swedish man has perished after trying to perform intercourse with a hornet nest. I’ve seen it starting to spread like wildfire on Facebook and now even high-profile magazines like The International Business Times and Metro UK are running with the story – a quite surreal experience as the original article about this “incident” was published on a Swedish equivalent of The Onion and The Daily Mash in September 2012 (Swedish language), and a quite amateurish one at that to be honest.

Now, I can only answer for myself of course and sure don’t know what other guys do to get their kicks – and I consider myself being quite liberal and would never judge how anyone gets their jollies as long as they keep it within the boundaries of the law – but I am pretty damn confident no one at least felt that – ahem – “sting of love” if you know what I mean.

Well I’m a king bee
Buzzing around your hive…


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