A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rescue Sandra West…

May 13, 2013

Hey kids, new week and time for another episode of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West! This, their 30th, is entitled A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rescue Sandra West and features a pretty damn epic fight scene – over four minutes long!

There’s some nice, tight editing in this one and I think Robert Griffith did a great job with it. Got some nice tracks from Call Me Greenhorn as well with Ooky Pt.2 and the all-new Superseven Fight Theme Vers. 2 making its debut, plus some cool tracks by Aussie musician The Jimmy C – including his brand new Sandra West Theme.

Speaking of the series I was glad to see them announcing that their campaign on Kickstarter was successful with an extra $1,000 raised for the project. So congrats to them and congrats to the funders as they’ve got a free download of the They Call Me Superseven OST coming their way. If you haven’t, make sure to check it out on Bandcamp and share, share, share away!


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