Breakfast for Champions!

April 21, 2013
copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

Tune in – or stream – tonight as Project Moonbase offers up Full Moonbase Breakfast, a show that “is a sizzling selection of tunes designed to set you up nicely for the day, being as it is themed around the most important of meals, namely: breakfast.” If you’ve ever been to the UK you know that “hearty” and “lots o’ carbs” is key words when it comes to the most important meal of the day – or maybe it was me insisting on “going Continental” at the hotels.

Anyway, this sounds awesome, and as always when it comes to these guys you’re in for some truly unique sounds! Check it out here, visit them on Facebook here, and did I ever mention I’ve got a killer recipe for scrambled eggs? Yeah well, I actually stole it took inspiration from Gordon Ramsay, so just follow these easy steps in the clip below. I guarantee you’ll like it!


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