Duck Radio

April 14, 2013
copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

The guys at Project Moonbase sure has been showing me and my music a lot of support lately – to which I’m much obliged – and tonight’s show seems to have one more track as well. Titled Sounds Anonymous it offers:

Several of our highly talented listeners have sent us new releases including albums by The Soulless Party, Vic Mars and Peopleodeon. We also have new releases from Oxykitten, Giant Claw, Call Me Greenhorn and Atom TM.

I’m guessing they’ll play Squawky!, but you have to check it out online later tonight to be sure. The show starts at 22:00 CET and is roughly an hour long. Check it out here, and if you don’t wanna wait you can play it here:


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