Spam Spam Spam Egg and Spam

April 3, 2013
Copyright? I don't know if douche bags claim it.

Copyright? I don’t know if douche bags claim it. Click to enlarge.

Well, I’ve already written about this, but here’s the latest spam mail found in my inbox. And it’s actually a bit more convincing than the previous “I’ve transaction for you” that I received the last time, so I’m guessing English lessons or at least dictionaries are somewhat increasing in sales in whatever country these are generated (China?). Too bad about the “Dear Sir/Madam” part though, ’cause even though I’m a huge fan of Ed Wood‘s Glen or Glenda? I am very secure in my gender identity.

Anyway, this along with the increase of that other form of spam that includes commenting or liking other people’s blogs in order to generate interest/traffic to their get-rich-quick schemes et. al. got me thinking of what good ol’ Bill Hicks had so say about the phenomenon, and even though I would never encourage a fellow human being to actually off themselves, I’d still like to extend a wish they’d just fuck off and die find something else to do with their time.

While on the subject:


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