April 2, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

And to start off with the answer to your obvious question I can inform you that “Squawky” is the word you type in around 4 am when you’re done with the final stages of mixing a new song and the computer prompts you to write something to “save file as”. And considering the samples used in the track I guess it kinda fits. So with April finally here I can happily announce this month’s bonus release: The Squawky! EP by Call Me Greenhorn! Three tracks with the title track taken from the coming They Call Me Superseven OST album – albeit in a different mix – plus two exclusive bonus tracks.

Anyway, drawing inspiration from Piero Umiliani‘s  Mah Na Mah Na, that most people probably remember from either Jim Henson‘s Sesame Street or Muppet Show, but originally appeared in Italian Mondo oddity Sweden – Heaven and Hell, the track was made up on the spot and is exactly as silly as you usually feel when you’re exhausted from work and it’s getting past 2 am. But listening to the track now I’m satisfied with the results and think it’s got a nice bounciness to it while still being very, very silly.

The second Moog version was just me trying to out-Wunderlich German schmaltz organist Klaus Wunderlich and the idea came about while listening to the title track the day after and setting out to see how lame I could make it. But the one track I’m really stoked about is The Name is West. Ever had a song jump out of you? Well, those occasions are pretty damn rare for every musician, but that track was made in five minutes tops. I’m not bragging, but the damn stars must’ve been aligned or something because everything just clicked while working on it. A totally random rhythm loop followed by an even more random bass line, the main organ was done in two takes (culling the best of each to create a melody), with percussion and FX synth added in two separate takes. Five minutes later I’m listening back with a smile on my face going “Well, that was easy”. I just wish every damn song was that smooth to write, ha ha ha.

You can check out the EP on my Bandcamp here, the title track is also available via SoundCloud here, and get a taste of the pretty bad-ass vibe of Sandra West‘s own theme below:


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