March 30, 2013
copyright Replaceface!

copyright Replaceface!

Holy moly, this guy/gal is amazing! Pardon the complete lack of info, but I just signed up for an account of Society6.com – one of those odd places where artists actually get paid in 2013! – and browsing what goodies they had to offer I stumbled across US (?) artist Replaceface who’s work is just killer.

Taking inspiration from the George Dawe portrait style of circa 1700, he/she takes the icons of our popular culture – well, I wouldn’t be too sure about Leonardo DiCaprio – and portrays them like generals, aristocrats and royalties. There’s some great ones featuring Bill Murray, Bruce Lee and Dave Grohl, and with prices for a 8″ x 9″ art print starting at $25 you can finally have some nobility in your common abode, ha ha ha.

Anyway, this is great stuff and I could easily see myself owning 5 or 6 of these. There’s a total of 26, so check them all out here and support the artist!

UPDATE: I found the artist’s official page on Tumblr and Facebook. Check ’em out here (T) and here (FB).

copyright Replaceface!

copyright Replaceface!


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  1. […] bonus support an up-and-coming artist while doing it! Check out guys like Replaceface (that I wrote about earlier this year), Greg Guillemin or Ale Giorgini and I’m positive you’ll […]

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