Pimping My Sh*t

March 29, 2013
Share away!

Share away!

Yeah, so while busying myself with finishing up a ton of stuff right now I also took a short break to finish up a sort of made-for-social-network advertisement for Call Me Greenhorn‘s 2013 releases. And I’m pretty damn impressed by the sheer output once I sat down and collected ’em all into one place.

Anyway, if you got a minute to spare I sure as heck would appreciate you taking the time to share this .png on your Facebook or G+ page with the text below. And if you spam the shit out of it do a darn good job spreading the word I promise I’ll make it worth your while! Share the pic, copy and paste the text below. Thanks!

My my, it’s gonna be a most productive ol’ 2013! Slated for release – with a chance for a couple of bonus goodies – we’ve got the following stuff ready for release. Check it out and please share!

IN SPACE EP: Six track synth-ish EP inspired by general space geekiness. Features the rough-mix of the title track that will appear on the S/T full length.

ARMAGEDDON DUB: Two dub tracks deemed “too dark” for inclusion on the S/T full length. Features guest appearances of Australian musician The Jimmy C and The New York Brass. Heady and heavy!

THEY CALL ME SUPERSEVEN: Seventeen tracks written for and inspired by the The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West web series/feature. Very 60s sounding. Very loud. With some xylophones too!

CHASING THE DAWN EP: Three 80’s sounding tracks written specifically for an upcoming feature film set in 1980s Los Angeles. Think Carpenter, ninjas and neon.

CALL ME GREENHORN 2 EP: aka ‘The Abandoned Project’. A total of eleven tracks written and recorded throughout 2012 (and 2013!) that were scrapped in favor for the new material created with more up-to-date equipment. Plunderphonics meets the kitchen sink! Features appearances by The New York Brass.

S/T: Currently in the works, this is technically the second full length from this solo project. Features all kinds of sounds ranging from garage to dub to Kraftwerkian beats. Guest appearances from all over the damn planet!

L´ISOLA DEI MORTI VIVENTI: Ever heard of Fabrizio Ardente‘s ZOMBIES: Island of the Living Dead? Don’t feel bad if you don’t ’cause it never existed. Inspired by the late 70’s synth sounds created by Fabio Frizzi for Lucio Fulci‘s cult classic Zombie Flesh Eaters, this faux-OST will feature songs imagined for a gory, Italian-produced video nasty circa 1982. Currently in the works it’s most likely to turn out as an 8-song EP.

Anyway, I’m heading back to the lab. Cheers!


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