‘I’m Normal!’

March 17, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, as time is finally opening up in my ‘schedule’ – god, that’s just such a weird phrase for me to use! – I’ve gotten around to compile my second mix for my MixcloudI’m Normal! 21 Deliciously Delirious Ditties of Dementia! (yeah, I’ve got this thing for punny Cryptkeeper-esque titles.) Audio surrealism is the theme of this one, and we’re talking songs that are beyond ‘novelty’. Among others we’ve got The Emperor‘s title track (released as an answer song to the cult classic They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha ha), Don Howard‘s oddity ballad Oh, Happy Day, and the I-guarantee-you most anemic cover version of The Trashmen‘s classic Surfin’ Bird ever heard! Plus, one track that’s guaranteed to piss off even the biggest fan of bad puns – even I have trouble standing it!

Anyway, I’m in the middle of audio clean-up right now (I actually sequenced this in 2012) and I’d say it’ll be roughly a month before it’s released online. Until then you’re free to give my previous Halloween-themed mix The Haunted House of Horror’s Horrific Halloween Twist-a-Rama! a spin here (also available via YouTube), and how about a taste of the title track?


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  1. […] this year. Like the I’m NORMAL! 21 Deliciously Delirious Ditties of DEMENTIA cloudcast. I started culling these wacky novelty tracks back in March (!!!) and finished up the sleeve roughly around the same time (I honestly don’t remember the […]

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