The Freedom Collective!

March 13, 2013
copyright Rough Cut Comics!

copyright Rough Cut Comics!

Well, here’s a little something for you comic book fans: Ever wondered what kind of work Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would produce if they lived and worked in communist Russia? Well, Rough Cut Comics answers that with The Freedom Collective! Published on behalf of ‘The Kremlin Comics Office’; Igor Sloano, Comrade Barr and Domski Regan offers a kind of ‘What if …’ where the collective heroes Krimson Kommisar, MIG-4Mastodon, Ajys and Homeland defeat the power of the – capitalist I presume – Evil Chief.

This looks quite funny and for £3 with fixed shipping – I’m guessing that only applies for the U.K. – it can be a cool piece of popular culture for your collection. Check out the indie publisher’s official site here and order your copy here.



  1. Thank you very much for posting this item on The Freedom Collective .. and putting forward a positive buzz. http://www.roughcut-comics.com

    • No problem! I like the idea and am happy to help spread the word.

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