I’m On an Island

March 12, 2013
copyright Private Islands for Sale.com!

copyright Private Islands for Sale.com!

Well, as spring somehow got halted after two decent weeks and kicked off Monday with snow and a whopping -14 degrees centigrade (approx. 6,8F) and then proceed to dip down to -18 degrees (-0,4F) today, I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one in Sweden contemplating packing my bags right now and head to a place where the local residents go ‘huh?’ when you ask them about snow.

Good thing all you have to do is google ‘buy islands online’ to find U.S. brokers Private Islands Online that seem to offer pretty much any piece of land surrounded by water, and I was actually kinda surprised you can find a decent piece of land for as low as $50,000! That might not say much, but an average house in the town I live will set you back at least $300,000 meaning I could get six damn islands for the same price. Not that I have that kind of money, but you get the idea.

I browsed the site kinda briefly, and saw some really nice pieces of land – Pigeon Island in Nicaragua, Jewel Caye in Belize, and Pelican Island in Antigua – and gotta admit I could so get used to living in those places. Check ’em out here.

While on the subject, here’s The Kinks also dreaming away:


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