The Thing (literally!)

March 8, 2013

Oh wow, even though enthusiastically following the progress of the Russian scientists located at Lake Vostok in Antarctica for the past year, I still gotta admit I was actually kinda creeped out by the latest claims that the more than a million-years-old bacteria found in the lake is a completely new life form! Of course it’s on one hand super-cool they’ve found a species who’s DNA only matches other life forms by 86% – literally making it alien to us – ’cause it goes to prove that yes, life in itself can survive some pretty grim conditions, making moons around planets like Jupiter and Saturn potential homes of  ‘something.’ Still, I am freaked out by this.

Why? Well, to put it short this sucker hasn’t been active on this planet for a million years, meaning than nothing that walks the Earth right now has any immunity resistance to it whatsoever. The life forms that did died out a long time ago. And let’s not forget that the sole purpose of bacteria is to fuck shit up uh, break down decayed organic matter. So even though I’m confident the scientists are handling this material with the utmost care, it’d still only take one ‘whoops!’ to release Chainsaw Sally and get the proverbial Armageddon going.

Oh well. We’ll see how this story develops. Still got me thinking of John Carpenter‘s The Thing though. Let’s hope the movie doesn’t turn out to be prophetic.


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