Cyber Attack!

March 7, 2013
'Today the we, tomorrow the world...'

‘Today the web, tomorrow the world…’

Well, this is admittedly a bit of a diversion considering the themes I usually cover on my blog, but after reading a friend’s post about German company Deutsche Telekom launching the site Sicherheitstacho (more here if you can read Swedish) and visiting it I found this simple webpage oddly fascinating. And kinda eye-opening.

Placing 97 so called ‘honey pots’  in different places all over Earth, this page tracks the cyber attacks aimed towards them in real time, giving the company (and you) an idea of just how wild that Wide Wild World of Web actually is. And it is pretty staggering to see the sheer volume of attacks that happens roughly every two seconds. Time to check up on that old virus protection program, no? Get a glimpse here.

UPDATE: This post oddly enough made me think of this old gem from 1978. Taken from their Can’t Stand The Rezillos debut album, here’s Flying Saucer Attack by The Rezillos:


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