Heavy Metal Parking Lot

March 6, 2013

Well, as I stumbled over it on YouTube I figured I just had to share it: Ever heard of Jeff Krulik and John Heyn‘s 1986 cult classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot? A PBS video short it documents the heavy metal fans hanging out in the parking lot of Capital Centre in Maryland before a Judas Priest concert (with opening act Dokken), and features a lot of Camaros, mustaches and people claiming to be ‘f***ed up.’ There’s also some epic statements about punk rock and Madonna.

Originally just a broadcast aired on local cable, this was taped and became an underground phenomenon that kind of grew to a legendary status – I googled and found out it was a tour bus favorite for Nirvana – found among tape collectors all over the world. Touring California in 2000 I was amazed and amused finding out one of our hosts popped it in his VCR asking if we’ve ever seen it. Getting  a limited theatrical release back in 2003 you can now purchase it on DVD with tons of bonus material via the official website. Check it out here and visit Krulik’s website here.


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