Nearly Complete H.P. Lovecraft Collection

March 1, 2013
copyright ?

copyright ?

Fellow cultists rejoice as I found the mother load! A friend hepped me via email that the great site Archive.org (collecting all things in the public domain) offers up a near complete collection of author H.P. Lovecraft‘s work in audio book format. Entitled, well, The Nearly Complete HP Lovecraft Collection – hey, no one ever accused librarians of being creative – it gathers a whopping 102 mp3s in one place for you to click and enjoy.

Too bad I’ve got my hands full mixing and working on soundtracks right now, but the next time I’ve got some artwork to complete I know what I’ll pop into my media player. Check it out here, and for those that prefer reading I found Cthulhu Chick‘s collection Free Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft for Nook and Kindle here.



  1. Oh, how fabulous.

  2. […] miss Hallows to you – complimented me by mentioning me in her previous post about the nearly complete H.P. Lovecraft audio book collection on Archive.org (and referring me as ‘dashing’ without adding ‘outta here’ to said […]

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