The Walking Dead: Torn Apart

February 21, 2013

Well, call me Johnny-Come-Lately, but I’m slightly miffed I missed out on The Walking Dead: Torn Apart web series on YouTube. Now, granted, I am the worst kind of fan boy when it comes to a lot of things – I tend to busy myself with my own projects so I rarely keep track of anything  – but after going through the third season of the series and becoming a huge fan I can’t believe I never 1) checked out AMC on the ‘Tube or 2) at least visited their Facebook page enough times to find out about it.

Anyway, this web-exclusive directed by special effects maestro Greg Nicotero offers up six ‘bytes’ that’s a nice addition to the original series. Focusing on divorced couple Andrew (Rick Otto) and Hannah (Lilli Birdsell) in the initial stages of the zombie apocalypse, this actually works as a sort of prequel to the TV-series, tying in nicely with the pilot episode.

Around twenty minutes in total, it’s definitely worth checking out. All six episodes can be found here.



  1. What?? I’ve never heard of this either…

    • Maybe AMC didn’t promote it that much? I found it by sheer accident looking for interviews with the cast and crew.

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