Get To the Dirt!

February 15, 2013
copyright Evil Pumpkins.com!

copyright Evil Pumpkins.com!

Horror hounds take notice: Tennessee-based Evil Pumpkins offer up a variety of sculptures and jewelry, all with a pinch of  “evil dirt” from the fireplace from the actual Evil Dead cabin added to them! Yes, ignoring the warnings of Bruce Campbell – who predicted they would get “an ass-full of buckshot from those rednecks” messing around in said woods – local couple (?) Tanya and Jeano Roid located the cabin deep in the Tennessee wilderness and came back with vials of dirt to get creative with.

There’s some pretty cool stuff offered up – like that big-ass 13″ Frankenstein that’d look great in my living room! – and for the hardcore fans of Sam Raimi‘s cult classic how about a vial of said dirt for $20?

I initially found these guys on Facebook, but you can check out their official website here.

UPDATE: Well, I’m sorry but ever since I posted this I just couldn’t get this classic bit with Bill Hicks outta my head. So here we go. No offense intended to the owners of Evil Pumpkins (it begins around 4:25):


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