Meanwhile in Sweden

January 25, 2013
'We're a happy family...'

Photo from Survival – all rights reserved

Yeah, today’s a whopping -19 degrees outside (approx. -0.4F), and as soon as I come home I ain’t stepping outside the apartment all weekend unless there’s a goddamn fire. And that depends on how big a fire we’re talking. It gets even better when a friend told me that according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute – SMHI – February’s gonna be unusually cold this year.

Oh well, good thing I’ve been humming on an idea for a fifth track for the Call Me Greenhorn In Space EP, so I’ll be spending the weekend working on that. And order delivery pizza.

UPDATE: Oh man, what could be more fitting today than The Choir‘s 60s classic It’s Cold Outside, later covered by Stiv Bators:


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