Call Me Greenhorn – In Space!

January 20, 2013

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Yeah, it’s been an amazing, crazy and creative week to say the least! Last weekend a friend helped me install Propellerhead‘s Reason 6 software on my computer and I’ve been spending every free waking minute I had working my ass off trying to learn it. And just to be clear: Believe the hype. This software is just amazing. Obviously created by musicians this works like a dream, and if you wanna talk boosting your creativity I’ve made ten (!!!) new songs since last Sunday. Based on last year’s output and the fact this software’s got me working 5 times faster, if this keeps up it won’t be that impossible for me to create approx. 150 new songs in 2013. I’m not gonna set anything in stone, but you gotta strike while it’s hot, baby!

Anyway, today I sat down to work a little bit with the more 8-bit kind of sounds the software offers – it has three built-in synthesizers and one kinda keyboard-esque instrument – and came up with this: In Space to be included on Call Me Greenhorn‘s upcoming full length debut. It’s been kinda delayed after a pretty hectic December, but I am more than making up for that right now! The sleeve was made up on the spot using some NASA concept drawings from 1970 that’s considered to be in the public domain. Check it out on Soundcloud and feel free to share!


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