R.I.P. Fred Lincoln

January 17, 2013


Oh man, sad news as this was just posted on Fred Lincoln‘s personal page on Facebook:

Hello everyone that knew and loved my dad..This is his daughter, Angelica, speaking on his behalf. As many of you already know, his health has been declining rapidly during the past few months and today he passed. He was a fighter during the entire struggle, just like he was his entire life. I just wanted to update all of you that have been wondering on his condition and wanted to let you all know he loved you all very much. I’ve heard stories about nearly every one of you and want you to know he left peacefully. Thank you for all your love and support ♥

A true American original and a loveable rogue, Fred ‘Porn’ Lincoln made quite a name for himself among horror fans as he portrayed the cold psychopath ‘Weasel’ in Wes Craven‘s The Last House on the Left  in 1972 – but he was a porn legend starting out in the 70s as an actor and moved on to producing and directing up until 2006.

Battling disease for the last couple of years he passed away about an  hour ago. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. I’ll try to find more news to share as it reaches media.

UPDATE: Writer John Sanford sums up Lincoln’s career at XBIZ Newswire here (SFW).


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