The Studio

January 16, 2013

Well, as I don’t really watch TV – ever – I was completely unaware of the Portlandia show (feel free to share whatever info you might have in the comments section), but the episode ‘The Studio’ that I found on YouTube is pure genius. Funny as hell, and if you’ve ever encountered that sort of personality you’ll instantly recognize it, as there are quite a few in the musician community that somehow get fixated on equipment.Plus, after being around drummers, his facial expression while hammering away is just priceless and cracks me up every time.

Personally I don’t understand the “gadget obsession” as I see whatever tools we use to embody that subconscious flow to be nothing more than mere tools, but hey, I’ve got more important things to do in my life than judging other people. Still, I think that applying that odd piece of logic to most other artforms would just be silly. Or does anyone know what typewriter John Steinbeck used?

Anyway, check it out and if you’ve got more info to share about the show feel free to comment!


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