The Jimmy C ‘Orbital Debris’

January 7, 2013

copyright The Jimmy C 2013!

Well, Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C just sent me a heads up to tell me his seventh release Orbital Debris has been released digitally on Bandcamp.com. And boy, are you in for a treat! His 2009 album Glamour and Fame is a personal fave that offered up some brilliant variations of 60s pop, but this time he’s evolved his unique sound to a more 70s vibe with a sort of dark, Kinks circa Face to Face period feel.

I received some promo tracks earlier this year and have been spinning them ever since, and I gotta say that it’s nice to see Jamie progressing and maturing in his songwriting process –  not to mention developing his musical and arrangement skills to a new level as well, as we’re still talking music that he recorded completely on his own. Lots of tracks stand out and impress in their width of instrumentation, and even his signature “ditties” –  rarely longer than a minute – fit nicely in the overall perspective, giving it an almost concept album feel. Throw in a couple of unexpected surprises and you’ve got yourself a nice listening experience for the music fan – genres be damned.

It’s kinda hard picking out faves – they all collectively paint a great picture – but Cast The First, Leather & Bone, No Man’s Hero, Last Breath Of The Sun and You’re Leaving Us are truly great tracks.

Give it a spin here and visit him on Facebook here. How ’bout a little taste?


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  1. […] I already wrote, the vibe of his new album differs from the great Glamour & Fame album and delivers some tunage […]

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