Boob Tube

January 4, 2013

copyright ???

WARNING: The video clips in this post contains nudity, so don’t watch them fer chrissakes!

Well, I was reminded of this yesterday as I had actually completely forgotten about making them to begin with, but back in 2011 I started downloading old public domain stag- and striptease clips on Archive.org, but on account of whoever uploaded said clips having insisted on adding awful Euro techno to them, I popped ’em into my video editor, went through Crypt Records’ great Las Vegas Grind compilation series for some kick-ass sleazy rock’n’roll instrumentals to score them with and made my first effort (as far as I can remember) editing video.

Anyway, if memory serves me correct I started out with Cherry Knight‘s performance and it just locked with Roger & The Gypsies‘ bad-ass Pass the Hatchet with a minimum of editing needed. Talk about pure dumb luck! If you recognize Cherry it’s probably ’cause she was one of the stars in Irwing Klaw‘s striptease classic Teaserama – that’s actually also in the public domain, so get it here!

Not too sure when I got around to edit the Bettie Page clip, but it is one of a handful public domain clips available, so make sure you search while visiting the page. The clip was obviously aimed towards the foot fetish crowd, and I gotta say it looks pretty innocent by today’s standards. I think it needed a bit more edits to make it fit with Ken Williams(My Very Own) Trash Can, but I am pretty satisfied with the results.

Unfortunately I never saved these clips in any physical format – everybody: D’OH! – with the exception of a 60-minute DVD-R that I burned in order to collect all the edited clips in one place. I might .zip it and share in the future (or maybe just upload it on YouTube), but I’ll keep you posted when and if it happens.


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