January 3, 2013

copyright Heavy Planet 2013!

Whoof! Well, here’s the first contender in the freebie races of 2013, and boy is it a mammoth one! Via the great blog Stonerobixxx I was hepped to Heavy Planet‘s 61-track compilation Bong Hits From the Astral Basement that’s pretty much covering all things heavy. In their own words Heavy Planet’s main goal is “to provide free promotion to independent bands and an outlet to get their music heard”, and that includes reviews, interviews and some other features as well, like this beast I just started sinking my teeth into.

It’s damn near impossible going through a huge offering like this and try to pick out specific gems – as it is pretty damn subjective – but I guarantee that if you’re even remotely interested in stoner rock, sludge, doom or any other kind of slow-paced, fuzzed-out heavy metal you’ll probably find something here that you like. I’d suggest that you download the album on Bandcamp.com, give it a quick once through removing those tracks you really don’t like and then enjoy the rest. This is an impressive piece of work! More volumes to come!


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