New links!

January 2, 2013

copyright ???

Here’s two new music links I decided to add while carousing the wide wide world of web (yup, I was a huge fan of My Name is Earl! Great show!): Project Moonbase and Music for Maniacs. One focusing on all things Space Age Bachelor Pad and one covers everything from the revolutionary to the ridiculous. Judging by the names I doubt it’d be hard to figure out which is which.

The moonbase guys (based in the UK) run a podcast that covers some pretty cool sounds – both modern and not-so modern – and they hepped me to this Finnish outfit: Aavikko. Described by one critic “Like a bar mitzvah band desperately trying to combine the Peter Gunn Theme with the Tron soundtrack”, this trio mixes live drums with Moogs and manage to create some retro-mash of early Kraftwerk and 8-bit video games. Check out Diamond Pyramid off their album Back From the Futer:



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