December 3, 2012

Ouch, ouch, ouch – OUCH! Dear Lord. I guess you guys’ve seen this – as it is going viral – but I thought I’d still share this and maybe add my own two cents to the whole debacle. Former solo guitarist Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P. fame just released his solo album Nothing to Lose and late November saw the premiere of the video for They All Lie and Cheat. Wanna talk bad? As in B-A-D bad? Well, dust off the old Michael Jackson crystal glove ’cause this is Bad and nothing short of watching a damn trainwreck. The audio/visual equivalent of hitting your thumb with a damn hammer.

Now, I sure don’t run around being so presumptuous I deem my own tastes to be “in the right”, and lots of the stuff I myself enjoy are considered to be plain awful – those Ed Wood movies are for sure. And just to be sure where I’m coming from I am not a person that takes pleasure in gloating. But technically speaking this is so weak and ill-performed I am downright amazed somebody actually thought this was fit for a release. I myself have buried recordings that sure as hell sounded better than this, and whatever claim to fame Chris might’ve had as an ex-member of Blackie Lawless‘ infamous band has been reduced to just another joke (or “fail”) on YouTube. Or do anybody in their right mind expect this to increase interest and sales?

Produced by ex-Motorhead member Phil ‘Philthy’ Taylor I am so embarrassed for the guy and his fans (some of my friends actually are huge fans of W.A.S.P. and they’ve been hiding their heads in shame while talking about this or posting the video on Facebook) and right now my brain kinda refuse to process the information that this not only was recorded – and these were the takes they kept! – but released for consumption. Now, anybody who saw Penelope Spheeris‘ great documentary The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years knows that Chris had (and obviously has) some serious issues when it comes to drugs and alcohol – if you haven’t seen the (pretty dark) drunken interview you can check it out on YouTube – and if nothing else his new album and video is a great example of cause and effect. That drunken buffoon of the 80s obviously kept his destructive  lifestyle and 30 years later he’s lost what little voice he had, his ability to write music and – most saddening as he was a pretty wild soloist – his ability to play a guitar.

Keep your nose clean, kids.


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