Where’s the Beef?

November 29, 2012

Well, here’s a Kodak Moment you never thought you’d see: Author Stephen King posing with bass player Danny Dirtbag of The Meatmen outside a Vermont gas station. Taken from their official page on Facebook, the story goes as follows:

So, our four string slinger, Mr. Danny Dirtbag is out on the road with High on Fire, Goatwhore and Lo-Pan. Fortunately the driver had to take a tinkle in the middle of Vermont, and they ran into Stephen King who quickly called out Dirtbag’s hoodie and said, “We’re The Meatmen and You Suck!! I own all the records!” So, they snapped a shot to say hello to Tesco!

Now, I knew that Mr. King was a big Ramones fan as he not only mentions them in several of his books, but also snuck in Sheena is a Punk Rocker in the movie version of Pet Sematary (it’s the song the truck driver listens to when he runs over Gage) and had them writing the (great) theme song for it. But him being a fan of the meaty men came as a surprise as they are, ahem, a bit of an “aquired taste”. Does this mean there’s any chance of a protagonist humming Toolin’ for Anus in a future novel?


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