(More) Kickstarter

November 29, 2012

As you may remember I wrote about cool projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo some time ago, and publisher Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics recently launched The Big Ask, Baby! giving you the opportunity to support independent comics. In his own words Nix Comics is a small indie publisher in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in tried and true pulp genres now overlooked by a mainstream comic market dominated by conventional superhero fare and corporate advertising power. To date he’s published four issues of Nix Comics Quarterly and one issue of each Nix Western Comics, Nix Comics for Kids and Astonishing Tech Tales (The latter for Columbus based IT service provider, Network Logix).

Reading about his campaign on Kickstarter he’s planning a quite busy 2013 to say the least with seven new issues to be released bi-monthly, and offers up tons of goodies for those who pledges – including free subscriptions and t-shirts up to an exclusive, custom made eight page comic book advertising your business, or as a special gift or just for kicks!

He’s roughly 1/5 close to reaching his goal of $25.000 and if you feel you wanna support the guy visit his official website here and check out the campaign here.


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