George Clooney’s Boyfriend

November 29, 2012

Oh man. Well, call me a Johnny-come-lately, but this was news to me yesterday as I don’t really watch TV or follow any celebrity gossip whatsoever. I’m just way too busy with my own life and the decisions needing to be made on a daily basis to keep up with Madonna‘s personal life or where Elton John might buy his wardrobe. But the story of George Clooney’s boyfriend is a prank of epic proportions that had me laughing out loud. (Unless you already know it) Read on!

The story roughly goes as follows: During the 2009 Venice Film Festival Brad Pitt was on site to promote Inglorious Basterds and apparently got tired of being asked “so when are you gonna marry Angelina Jolie?” about every two seconds he finally started answering the question with “when George Clooney marries his boyfriend.” This was taken seriously by some as Matt Damon found out the following day (while doing press for The Informant!) as he was approached by an Italian journalist that confronted him with a “is it true what Brad Pitt is saying about George Clooney?” Not thinking much of it he kinda went “oh yeah!” and then had the additional info filled in and decided to just go with it. It’s a guy thing. We’ve all been there. Somebody asks you a stupid question when you’re already tired and you decide on the spot you’re gonna take the guy for a ride.

So anyway, Damon leaves Venice and goes back to the USA when poor Clooney arrives in Venice to hold his press conference for his movie (and I’m guessing it was the great The Men Who Stare at Goats). And this is when things got surreal. As seen in the footage below, a gay Italian man proceeded to strip while announcing his sexual orientation and begged George to marry him instead.

This is just epic. I was laughing so hard reading about it (and seeing the footage) that I just had to share it. Like I said, apologies up front if this is old for the rest of you, but damn did I have a good laugh! The incident (it begins 10 seconds in):


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