Fan Mail

November 28, 2012

Awesome! I got this via Art Chantry – one of the greatest graphic designers out there these days. Starting out in the late 70s in that first wave of American punk rock he’s truly old school in his approach as he refuses to use a computer and instead xeroxes, rips, staples, burns and shoot (!!!) his works in order to achieve the desired effects. Ironically enough he hasn’t received half the credit he deserves (despite the sheer amount of emulators out there) and even though he might not be a household name his original posters fetch some pretty impressive bucks on eBay etc. To make that fact even more disheartening he recently stated that the guy who was hired to do the (now iconic) Pulp Fiction poster had admitted to him during a reception that it was in fact “designed to look like an Art Chantry piece.” Well, how about getting the real thing?

Anyway, I guess we all heard the story of the chaos inflicted by Orson Welles‘ radio drama War of the Worlds that aired on CBSThe Mercury Theatre on the Air show on October 30th 1938. Narrated by Welles himself the first forty minutes was presented as news bulletins, and with the show being aired with no commercial breaks a lot of listeners apparently took it as a real event – resulting in police departments being swamped by frantic phone calls and witnesses claiming there were suicides and people forming armed posses to deal with the invasion. The outrage this caused in some communities secured Welles’ road to stardom – even though officials in Trenton, NJ at the time probably wouldn’t call the man a genius.

Speaking of which; Have you heard the broadcast? It’s considered to be in the public domain so check it out:


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