Call Me Greenhorn

November 10, 2012

New week so I better have a new album ready huh, ha ha ha. Well, I’ve had the last couple of days off just to relax and maybe catch up on those damn Z’s I’ve been missing out on lately. But I had to start poking around my sample collection on the computer of course – I have a couple of GB’s worth – and next thing you know I’m working on the solo EP of a project I’m calling Call Me Greenhorn.

Got five tracks finished and mastered pretty quickly and I made the sleeve in a couple of hours last night. Ah, the wonders of computers and the internet! Do you know how long this’d would’ve taken back in the old days?!

Didn’t really have a good title for it so I went with Call Me Greenhorn. It’s an instrumental EP but a lot different than The Norliss Tapes. Samples below and you can also check it out on Bandcamp here.


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