The Evil Dead (2013) – Red Band Trailer

October 24, 2012

Please note that the trailer is pretty gory and viewer discretion is adviced.

Well, it’s just been posted – the Evil Dead red-band trailer! And even though I’m guessing a lot of younger people are gonna go “uh, it looks just like Cabin in the Woods!” lemme assure you that it’s the other way around. Sam Raimi‘s 80s horror masterpiece was way ahead of that one Junior. And this one seems to require wearing a raincoat or at least bring an umbrella to the cinema.

I gotta admit, I am not one to go gaga over remakes (if you’ve been following this blog you’re pretty familiar with The Angry Old Fart by now), but after seeing the interview with Bruce Campbell and the fact that this team may be part of “Hollywood” now they’re still kinda being outsiders to the system is pretty reassuring for me. If you’re part of your baby’s remake, how protective aren’t you gonna be about its legacy?

Like I stated in a previous post this could actually become one of the more intense horror movies out there (and the footage seem to back that theory). FX maestro Greg Nicotero once shared in an interview how he was completely blown away by the original movie but, on account of his technical knowledge, how the sheer amateurism of the gore and other visual effects constantly took him out of the moment. Well, now they’ve had a chance to do the horror of the original concept justice – and think about it, if say Stan Winston had created Exorcist-esque visuals for the original it’d been pummeling the audiences back then! – and I’m slightly optimistic by this. What do you think?



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  2. Holy fucking shit!

    That is all.

  3. […] The Evil Dead (2013) – Red Band Trailer (sellergrendesign.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] The Evil Dead (2013) – Red Band Trailer (sellergrendesign.wordpress.com) […]

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