New Artwork!

October 22, 2012

Yeah, well I told you I was a workaholic baby! Coming soon: The It’s Halloween three-song EP from The Norliss Tapes! And for a band that really throws everything plus the kitchen sink into their output this one’s really got a couple of surprises to offer. Off the top of my head we’re talking some Carpenter-esque qualities, some Kraftwerk, some 80s New Romance, some Beastie Boys, some Disco (???) and even some slight modern dubstep influences. Whoof!

For someone who’s very much involved in the process I still gotta admit the huge amount of creativity and gutsy “just create and damn the consequences” attitude even surprises me from time to time. But I am enjoying myself immensely. Anyway, I’ll make sure to post a link when the EP is up and running.


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