Happy birthday Chevy!

October 8, 2012

Well peeps, today marks the 69th birthday of actor/comedian Chevy Chase. Starting out on Saturday Night Live along with other greats such as John Belushi this guy made some pretty classic comedies back in the 80s that I think still holds up: Caddyshack, Fletch, and my personal fave as the dimwit Dad Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation trilogy – the third part National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation being a must see on X-Mas Eve. If you haven’t seen any of these I highly recommend you check them out.

Speaking of which; Here’s a fun fact Staffan (the second part of The Norliss Tapes) hepped me to that I wasn’t aware of at all – back in the 60s Chevy actually played drums and keyboards (not simultaneously I hope!) in the psychedelic pop outfit Chamaeleon Church. They released one album in 1967 and on the cut Here’s a Song he actually sang lead. Give a spin:



  1. He also played everything on Paul Simon’s video of ‘You can call me Al’, which you should see in case you haven’t.

    • I’ve seen the video but had no idea he played the instruments. Not that big a fan of Paul Simon.

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