Out of Vogue

October 2, 2012

Well, Fullerton indie label Burger Records announced earlier in September they were teaming up with legendary Hardcore label Frontier Records to re-release tons of punk classics on tape. Yes, it’s kinda ironic that the format a lot of major labels in the 80s claimed were encouraging piracy and copyright infringements turned out to be the one that’s become the one preferred on account of transfers to digital being pretty hard (not impossible, just a damn headache only extremely nerdy collectors or hardcore idealists would put themselves through in order to upload and share.)

First up is The Middle ClassOut of Vogue debut 7″ EP (and according to some the first hardcore record ever released) with The Adolescents and Rikk Agnew coming later on, but Frontier’s roster included such greats as Redd Kross, Suicidal Tendencies, Christian Death, TSOL, the great Dangerhouse comps, Weirdos, Circle Jerks etc. etc. Check their page on Facebook for updates here. Speaking of the Middle Class:


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