Rocking in the Graveyard

October 1, 2012

Well, with Halloween coming closer I’ve not only toyed with the idea to do a novelty song for The Norliss Tapes and release it later this month, but also I’ve been going through a bunch of records lately and will probably do a mix of garage punk, R&R, rockabilly and various novelty songs from the 50s and 60s and put it online on SoundCloud or something later on. I’m keeping myself busy right now just sorting through ’em all because I want it to be 100% solid as well as use some more obscure tracks instead of just going for the more obvious choices like Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett‘s The Monster Mash, but I’ll add info later on as I’m coming closer to finish it.

While on the subject; Jackie Morningstar‘s Rocking in the Graveyard is not only a great Halloween tune, but it’s also one of my all-time rockabilly faves as well! There’s not too much info to find about this cat, but based on the location of the labels that relased this classic 7″ (Sandy Records in 1959 and later on Orange Records that same year) I initially thought he was from Alabama, but a little bit of Googling proved he was a Florida native born Willie Morrell. A member of The Deltones he later on released a jazz (!!!) 7″ in 1963, a (what I’m guessing) religious-themed country album in 1977  and is rumored to stay active on the local music scene in Pensacola today. The 7″ appears on some horror-themed rockabilly compilations (I got my initial taste on the Rocking Nightmares LP) but it was recently re-issued in a limited edition repro – available at a more reasonable price than the original I might add. Check it out.


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