Turkish Delight

September 28, 2012

Oh man, they just don’t make movies like they used to. This death scene from the 1973 Turkish movie Kareteci Kız is nothing short of epic. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it, proving once again the comedic rule that if you repeat something enough times it becomes hilarious.

Speaking of Turkish film; If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomena you’re in for a treat (if you’re into surreal movies that is.) A dictatorship back in the 70s their movie industry produced their own films, often ripping off western blockbusters and not respecting international copyright laws one iota. We’re talking lifting whole scenes or even concepts from American studios and then release the Turkish equivalent onto the domestic market – often raking in some pretty big bucks on account of the audience being so culturally isolated they had no references to compare what they were seeing with. And to be perfectly clear; We’re talking physically scissoring out scenes, music etc. and just slap ’em onto the domestic version. Are you a fan of say Star Wars, The Exorcist or maybe even Rambo – First Blood Pt. 2? Well, the Turkish versions has to be seen to be believed! Type in “Turkish ____” on YouTube and brace yourself. Especially when it comes to the Star Wars rip-off.

Anyway; Being a huge fan of William Friedkin‘s 1973 shocker masterpiece I just had to get myself a bootleg copy of Seytan as the Turks renamed it in 1974. Young Canan Perver stars as the little girl Gül that gets possessed by the Devil himself after playing with a Ouija board in her posh Istanbul apartment, and her desperate mother (played by Meral Taygun) gets in touch with troubled psychologist Tugrul Bilge and an experienced Muslim exorcist (Agah Hün) in order to exorcise the demons. Directed by Metin Erksan it’s a surreal masterpiece. How about a little taste?


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