September 20, 2012

And no, I’m not referring to some ex-members of my musical outfits or those “intriguing dates” I guess we’ve all had over the years. Nope, with The Norliss Tapes Herz und Liebe EP being finished I’ve decided to relax, take some time off of the creative business and just put my feet up for a couple of days (which usually means 1-2 days tops before I decide to do  something on account of me being a damn workaholic.) So this week has pretty much been spent getting reacquainted to a handful of films I haven’t seen since the early 1990s. And contemplating writing a Halloween-themed song and have it finished within the next 42 days that are left until then, but let’s not talk about that, ha ha ha.

Anyway, yesterday was spent with the great thriller Jacob’s Ladder starring Tim Robbins, but the one that really stood out so far was Rob Reiner‘s Misery from 1990. Based on the novel by Stephen King it stars James Caan as the author that crashes with his car in the remote areas of Colorado but is saved by a retired nurse (as well as his biggest fan) – and lives to regret it. Both actors are great in this, but Kathy Bates as the headcase nurse Annie Wilkes is nothing short of brilliant. She pretty much owns the screen. If you haven’t seen this you’ve got about 90 minutes of tension to look forward to. Check it out!


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