Non-Stick Android Officer (update)

September 19, 2012

Oh no! Oh why! Oh GOD! And some other phrases that sure doesn’t fit in print because I’m aware that ladies read my blog too. Anyway, via Bleeding Cool I was made aware of some details of the script for RoboCop 2013. Apparently Ain’t it Cool ex-contributor Drew McWeeny got hold of the shooting script and decided to share the “highlights” on his Twitter while reading it. Here’s a lil’ taste (and brace yourself):

*The classic ED-209s make an appearance and apparently they were field tested in Iran, where they were used to subdue suicide bombers.
*Once completed they drop “Robocop 3.0” onto an Al Queda training camp to see what he does.
*Robocop is a Transformer. He goes from “social mode” to “combat mode” and back. Full transformation.

That last point actually gave me a slight brain hemorrhage. This has all the signs of becoming a major turkey. Read more here and check out the Twitter posts here.


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