Bad Mags

September 15, 2012

Oh man, trashhounds rejoice! After putting out the two fantastic books Bad Mags on the mighty Headpress Print – “demon gods of pulp” as they call themselves – author/obsessive collector Tom Brinkmann launched a page on Facebook that culls the créme de la créme from his collection (that must be nothing short of jawdropping on account of him admitting he recently sold 200 CDs collecting nothing but scans from said magazines on eBay).

Tons and tons of lurid, sleazy magazine covers ranging from exploitation, tabloid, sexploitation, punksploitation (!!!) to classic horror comics, fanzines and porn. Yes, revel in titles like Startling Detective, Swingers Journal, and Untamed Breasts,and feast your eyes on the sometimes ludicrous headlines offered by the tabloids. My new fave page on Facebook! Check it out here and you should check out the books too!



  1. Could you also scan and post the rest of the magazine, please? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m sorry, but the scan is from the Facebook-page, so I can’t offer any more pages from the magazine.

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