“Calling all Artists!”

September 11, 2012

Rock ‘n’ Roll publisher Nix Comics‘ Editor-in-Chief Ken Eppstein just made an open call for artists for the upcoming issue of Nix Comics Quarterly. On the official Facebook site he states:

I’ve been working feverishly to get the line up together for Nix Comics Quarterly #5.   Most of the stories are doled out to some great returning artists and I currently have three assignments left:
1) Bus Stop Ned Goes Blind  (1 Page Short $150.  Due date and payment in mid January) Features recurring character Bus Stop Ned.  A great jumping on point for Nix Comics fans who would like to contribute to the mythos!
2) The Devil and Stagger Lee (6 page feature $300.  Due date and payment in mid January)  Ellis Church (from NCQ #1) returns to give the reader extra insight into the best murdfer ballad ever!
3) Cover: Themed on the Devil and Stagger Lee story.  ($300. Due ASAP. Payment January.)
As the calls for artist are meant to embrace Nix Comics Fans, I’d like you to tell me what your favorite Nix Story is to date!

If you’re interested in any of these assignments, you can drop him an email (and I’m guessing with a link to your online portfolio) at ken (at) nixcomics (dot) com. Check them out on Facebook here and the official website here. Good luck!

UPDATE: I’m sorry, but checking the page on Facebook I saw that the cover has already been assigned.


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