Whores. on YouTube

September 5, 2012

Ha, based on the search phrase stats for my blog and the fact that everybody with an internet connection sooner or later
1: Google themselves, and
2: Looks for porn,
something tells me this post is just gonna skyrocket. Call it a hunch…

Anyway, I reviewed Whores.‘ (don’t forget the dot) debut EP Ruiner on TapeMix – Best of Bandcamp back in December of 2011 summing it up as “five tracks just perfect for your next dental surgery appointment” and that still holds true for me today. Sounding like a mix of Helmet, Karp and even some Unsane this Georgian power trio offers up some of the best aggressive music available. It’s perfectly brutal in that clang-bang-clang-grrrraaaaah-grrr kinda way if you know what I mean, and I honestly believe these guys are gonna be huge some day.

Checking their page on Facebook today I read the news they’ve just gotten their own channel on YouTube where you can watch videos, live performances and interviews. Check it out here and you can read my review here.


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