‘I’ve Got This Script…’

September 2, 2012

Well, a friend of mine got me dusting off this old hobby when he asked for help on Facebook locating the final draft (shooting script) of Dan O’Bannon‘s cult classic Return of the Living Dead earlier today. I used to google and read these back in the 90s (I still remember the godawful third draft of Freddy Vs. Jason and the thrill of reading Scott Spiegel and Sam Raimi‘s final draft for Evil Dead II), but still haven’t been able to locate it (if you know where I can find it send me an email!).

Anyway, I was thrilled to see the vast amount of websites that collects these today – The Daily Script, Sci Fi Scripts.com, and The Horror Lair to mention a few great ones – and have pretty much spent all day just drooling over the titles available – yes, I am that damaged, ha ha ha.  So how about reading Airplane!, Alien or maybe Planet of the Apes tonight? Speaking of the Zucker brothers’ 1980 classic:


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