Videodrome (remake)

August 24, 2012

Again getting the news via Deadline New York and again concerning remakes I think I’m about to burst and let The Old Fart loose, shaking his fists at passing-by clouds and hollering inane stuff about “you damn kids”; Universal Studios just signed commercial director Adam Berg to direct the remake of David Cronenberg‘s psychedelic masterpiece Videodrome. You can read about it here. And sure, its theme might be even more fitting today than back in the 80s, and there’s no doubt they can create some truly mindblowing FX for it (unless they take the much-maligned CGI road), but really, is this necessary?

Yes, it’ll be real nice getting the (I’m guessing) re-released remastered deluxe edition of the original on DVD, crammed with bonus features for us devoted nerds, but does the studio honestly think there’s a market for this oddity? Writer Drew McWeeny offers up a really good analysis of the phenomena on HitFix, so check that one out and let’s hope that the studio doesn’t totally gut the original in order to sell the younger generations a pale PG13 pastiche.



  1. One of my all-time favorite trailers right there!

    • Great trailer, an odd masterpiece of a movie. Not too fond of the idea of remaking it.

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